Headlight Resurfacing Kit

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The perfect solution for oxidized and discolored headlights in as little as 7 minutes per headlight!


1 Foil packet of Lens Cleaner

1 Foil packet of Lens Sealer

Items You Will Need:

Protective Eyeware

Protective Gloves


Spray Bottle

Paper Towels

Masking Tape- if needed

Masking Paper-if needed

Step 1:

Lens Cleaner: One scrub pad will restore two headlights. The cleaner product is already on the pad inside the foil packet. Clean both headlights using the pad provided in the headlight cleaner foil packet. Spray water on the scrub pad it keep the pad moist while putting on a light coat covering the whole lens. Let the cleaner set on the lens for 30 seconds. You will see the cleaner start to foam out the discoloration of the lens. Once this happens scrub the headlight lens. Make sure to keep the lens and scrub pad wet to avoid scratching the lens. After all contaminants are removed, wipe the headlight lens with water and clean paper towel. Make sure the headlight lens is completely clean and dry before going to Step 2. In rare cases: If any part of the headlight lens feels rough after completing step 1, use 1000 grit sandpaper, and wet sand the rough areas. Repeat Step 1 for the other headlight.


Step 2: 

Lens Sealer: One applicator pad will restore two headlights, the headlight sealer product is already on the pad in the foil packet. To apply the lens sealer, start at the top and use a rowing motion back and forth to cover the whole headlight lens. Do not over apply. Do not reapply to any area already covered. This will smear the headlight lens. Repeat Step 2 for the other headlight lens.

*If product did not take or smeared you may remove the sealant by using the lens cleaner and start the process over again.*

Drying time is 30-40 minutes, depending on the humidity, it may take longer. You may drive the car after the application.

Two coats of lens sealer is recommended for longevity. Wait 15 minutes before applying the second coat.

Special Notes:

  • Avoid touching the headlight lenses for the first 24 hours after having them restored.
  • Wait 24 hours before washing the vehicle. This will allow the headlight lens sealer to fully cure.
  • keep the headlights clean using car soap only, washing them on a regular basis.
  • DO NOT USE household cleaners. Some household cleaners and dish soaps will compromise the headlight sealers longevity.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or degreasers on the headlights. This will compromise the headlight sealers longevity.

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