NanoSkin MICROBUFF 6" Pro Starter Kit


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This system is the perfect companion to your D.A. Polisher! This cutting edge paint correction system allows you to correct paint with minimal prep, no sling, and absolutely no swirls! This system will work fast on swirls, many scratches, acid rain spots, and other mild to moderate defects on factory paint. It WILL replace traditional compounds for the removal from 1500 wet sanding scratches to finish high gloss. Kit Includes: • 6" Cutting Pad 2-Pack • 6" Polishing Pad 2-Pack • SPEED CUT Cutting Compound 16Oz. • NANO CUT Finishing Compound 16Oz. • FORMULA 67 Professional Quick Detailer 16Oz. • PAD REJUVENATOR 4Oz. • PAD CLEANING AGENT 4Oz. • AUTOCRUB Cleansing Sponge • GLIDE Instant Detail Spray Lubricant RTU 4Oz. • NANOSKIN Detailing Apron • NANOSKIN Pad Conditioning Brush • MICROBUFF Application Guide • MICROBUFF Instruction DVD